chinese eyes

Submitted by david p on 3/21/02. ( )

Having trouble when i try to sow the hide it pulls the eyes way back.Is there somthing i am not doing to the form or is it to big.The hide does not slide over the manikin real easy.also could i have the antlers set to far back and is there a rule of thumb for this 15 inch neck and 6.5 inches eye to nose.

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What are yopu mounting?

This response submitted by Grouseman on 3/21/02. ( )

I have no Idea what you are mounting but it sounds to me like you have a longer nose to eye measurement for the form then what the face of the animal is! (Boy thats a long sentince. LOL) Write back with a little more info on how you got your measurements and I can help you further.

sounds like....

This response submitted by Dan on 3/21/02. ( )

Your eye to nose measurement is incorrect. As far as the cape sliding on your form. Do you have hide paste on it?

antler set

This response submitted by Elmer on 3/21/02. ( )

More than likely you have your antlers set too high and or too far. A general rule to folow is two fingers betweenthe back of the eye orbit and the antler burs distance wise. Can be less with a large rack, if your antlers are set too high your eye skin will be pulled up. too far back the eye skin will be pulled too far back (chinese eyes). Once you test fit the hide should lay naturally if you have to tug too much it is off. Hope this helps.


This response submitted by birdman on 3/21/02. ( )

listen to ELMER i think he hit the nail on the head for solving your problem.

Antler burr to from corner of eye

This response submitted by John C on 3/21/02. ( )

Front corner and back corner can varie, but after a lot of deer, I find most 18 to 22 inch deer have a measurment of 2 3/4 to 3 1/4 inches. Then look at the hieght the antlers were set, draw a line from the center of the nasal floor to the ear canal hten go up verticly to the bottom of the antler burr, once you have the fron t of th ehead done but not sewn up, make sure you have slack 1/4 is good for a well thinned cape. The antler burr area should not be tight, if it is the two things Elmer talked about are to high and to long.

chinese eyes

This response submitted by david p on 3/22/02. ( )

sorry guys i am trying to mount a whitetail deer.


This response submitted by larry on 3/22/02. ( )

the two finger rule Elmer described works great for production deer

nail benind eyes

This response submitted by dwl on 3/22/02. ( )

nail benind eyes before you start to sew this will keep hyde from pulling on eyes giving them the chineese effect. these nails are just temporary use three aprox. 3" behind eyes install in a vertical row. also measure your cape before you order form and use nose to eye, nose to back of head and neck is correct. also when installing horns make sure nose to horn but measurement is right then install antlers. sounds like you have a problem with your nose to horn butt probably to long. average on deer is 9.5" if wrong pull cape up and redo your antlers to make it right. hope this helps.

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