re-shaving allready tanned hide?

Submitted by jen on 3/4/02. ( )

what is the process to do, when a person wants to re-shave an allready tanned hide? is there way to re plump?

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This response submitted by George on 3/4/02. ( )

Though "plumping" may make shaving easier, it's not necessary. Most times I reshave my shop tanned hides before mounting. The machine doesn't know the difference between a plumped cape, a raw cape, or my darned thumb (I shave it quite nicely this morning as well).


This response submitted by Dave B. on 3/4/02. ( )

If the tanned hide or cape is already hydrated, simply throw it on your machine and shave it. No need to re-plump. The only way you're going to do this is to re-pickle and re-tan, and there's no need to do that.
Most tanned skins shave nicely an a machine.Simply shave as is.

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