Submitted by Eric on 3/8/02. ( www.Magee@Pathway.net )

Just got done with my first coyote for the night. I started at 10 a.m. and worked all day till 10p.m. and I still gotta sew up the legs. I realize I'll get better and faster, but I imagine it would take a pro most of the day. I have gotten much quicker at skinning, turning, and fleshing lately, not to mention much better at it-LESS HOLES!
How long does it take you pros to do an small mammal lifesize? I can't imagine the work that goes into a competion mount! I can see why you guys say this is such a hard vocation to make profitable.
I'm am still charging ahead, more determined than ever, though. You guys and gals on here are a Godsend. Thanks for everything. Eric J.

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Lifesize critters arn't quick jobs

This response submitted by Aaron Honeycutt on 3/9/02. ( mhoney@mindspring.com )

Eric, How long you spend doing a coyote can depend on many things. if it's a "simple" mount and the skin is preped, base work is already done and the manakin is a good fit then it's not bad. I might spend 4-5 hours, maybe, and a lot more for involved mounts. If you're putting the skin on a form 2" too long and a little heavy in the middle you could be there all day. I once started a bobcat around 9:00 pm and saw the sun rise and missed breakfast! I fought that cat all night long and learned a lesson about mammel manakins--they ain't right lots of the time. Best way to save frustrating labor I think is to save the carcass and lay it next to the form to make adjustments as needed. The basic measurements don't give the full picture as you might readily see when you make the comparison. Often the body is cast heavier in some areas to make the moulding process easier.I always thought I would get faster with experience. Instead I seem to take longer and longer as I try to do a better job. Fast does not equal better.

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