Hydro-mist vs. Lifetone

Submitted by Tony Maldonado on 3/11/02. ( Ihntdeer@aol.com )

I recently attended my first competition, which turned out to be an eye opening experience. One of the critiques that I received on my mount was the painting. It was recommended that I use the Hydro-mist paint vice the Lifetone. I was told it gives a softer appearance. Are the Hydro-mist paints that much better? Thanks in advance

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This response submitted by Tony Finazzo on 3/11/02. ( finazducks@aol.com )

I find water based paints to be more difficult to apply. Lifetone is the same company just laquer paint. I also find polytranspar paint laquer smoother and seems to flo better in my airbrush. The softness the judge talked to you about could have to do with application. It also could be because of the surface preparation or the top coat. softness can be achieved by applying different media on top of the paint. Example if you paint a deer nose and get all the color values and color changes correct and don't put anything over it it will be correct, but it will look dry and lifeless. If you use the wrong media on top you will get the oposite effect, For example you would not want to use a shinny medium on a ducks bill.
Good Luck

Its all in YOUR SKILL.

This response submitted by JOhn C on 3/11/02. ( )

I see good work with all types of paint. I see a lot of bad work with all types of paint. It is totally up to you, get one and stick with it, learn how to apply it. I have done well with Artist Oils, Lacquers and Water base.

For the easiest try artist oils. No wait try lacquers, no maybe waterbase.

Here is a hint waterbase dries slower, slower drying paint will flow, drip, dribble etc.

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