Attachment of ducks to drift wood?

Submitted by Andy on 3/12/02. ( )

Hello! I plan to mount my first two Oldsquaw ducks - a hen and drake - in either a diving or flying pose. How do I attach them to my drift wood without seeing the wire? Do I bring the bodies up close, but not too tight, to the drift wood? I plan to use this mount for competition. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, Andy.

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This response submitted by Grouse man on 3/12/02. ( )

Drill your wire hole through a branch or other protruding part of the wood. Next take a 3/4"-1" spade bit and make a grove about 2" long starting at the wire hole. Insert the birds wire through the hole up to the birds feathers. Do not push it to tight or you will mess up your feather alignment. hold the bird where you want it and bend the wire into the groove.put a couple of staples in it to hold it in place then fill the groove with hot glue and let it cool. Blend with a little clay and paint if the glue is visable. This will hold your bird in place indefidently. You may also be able to run a stiff enough wire out a toe for a diver. Use your own judgement. Hope this helps.

Grouse man

This is what I do...

This response submitted by gordon on 3/12/02. ( )

On driftwood branch, I drill hole right through branch and temporarily staple until bird is dry. Next, I remouve bird in order to paint it. I re-install bird, cutting wire short this time so it does not protrude trough branch, wood, whatever. I score wire with plyers and sink in epoxy putty in hole. Next after sinking-in wire into putty and therefore bird in original pose, I scrape some driftwood into dust particals ( with knife) and imbed in bottom of hole, into camo hole!

But sometimes if I can drill a deep hole in the first place I just postition bird and when it is dry I remouve, paint, and then, add epoxy into hole and re-install wire. Good luck.

or this

This response submitted by chris on 3/15/02. ( )

Try and drill hole a little bigger than wire. Try to round out hole at start of drill and once finish work done try hot glue.

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