Fox ears

Submitted by Daniel B on 3/13/02. ( )

How do you open those fox ears? What is the best tool. I know I'm young but I have opened deer and squirrel ears but these seem to be very hard to do without ripping the ear as I just did tonight. I don't want to try to do the other one until I get some answers. Any help?

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Slowly and Carefully

This response submitted by Aaron Honeycutt on 3/14/02. ( )

Fox ears can be tough to open. Foxes get scar tissue from tick bites on the ears and the thin tips are simply not easy. I use the tip of a small Rappela filet knife to skin and "push" to seperate the skin of the rear of the ear from the cartilage. It is a slow go and tedious but you can turn it out to the tip. Some people that mount with dry preservative will inject the ear tips same as a duck foot. I prefer to turn it completly. No easy method that I know of. Good luck- Aaron Honeycutt

Y meathod

This response submitted by JEM on 3/14/02. ( )

Daniel, as my mentor taught me the trick with ears (any ear) is to add Y to them. Y ears... (as in experience) no real trick other than take your time be gentle and expect to rip some. Best to know how to repair them (invisible thread and a small glovers needle should become your friend). Good luck my friend.

Thanks for the response

This response submitted by Daniel B on 3/14/02. ( )

Thanks for the information. Thought there may be a trick to make it easy I didn't know about.I did open the other one, it took me about a hour.

Fox ears

This response submitted by steve on 3/14/02. ( )

I use a knife to get past the meat and a little ways up the ear. then I use my thumb and gently slid the skin up the cartalige. It takes a bit of time, but I haven't split a fox ear for a while. Now Jack rabbit ears is another story all together. Just go slow.

splitting fox ears

This response submitted by Tom on 3/30/02. ( )

I am in the proces of tanning a red fox right now, the ears were no treat to turn I uses a scalpel and a needle point x acto knife and it worked well once I got the ears started down the front I was actually able to very very carefully pull the cartliage down very slowly without any problem the key is be patient take your time this is only my second mammal
ive done first was a coyote and I couldnt turn the ears and it was a disaster Good luck

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