HELP! Lynx Measurements for fitting on form!

Submitted by Bonnie (Wolfwoman) on 3/19/02. ( )

Hi folks,
VERY new to taxidermy...I have a lynx form at home and several pelts, was needing to know if anyone can point me to a site that shows a diagram of how to measure for fit? Also, all the pelts I have are garmet tanned, I'm assuming this has to be rehydrated to fit and place on form? Any info at all on all this would be greatly appreciated!

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This response submitted by George on 3/19/02. ( )

All the major supply catalogs have detailed instructions as to how to tke the measurements and if you go to the opening page, type in "rehydration" in the 'What do you want to know' block. It's all there.

tanned with taxidermy in mind?

This response submitted by j hermanns on 3/20/02. ( )

I hope for your sake that these lynx have been skinned for taxidermy work. Check to see that the ears, lips, nose and inner eyelid have been turned, and that all meat left at tannery has been removed. I like to have at least 1/4" of lip for closed mouth and as much as 1/2" for open mouth. The inner eyelids are not essential, but your mount will require a lot more work if they are not there. You will also want all or most of the actual eyelid, though it's not uncommon for this to be cut at the corners. When you are ready to mount place the skin in enough water to cover and throw in 1 cup of salt and soak for 10-15 minutes, the salt will help inhibit bacteria growth. Drain the hide and place it in garbage bag, then into the fridge for a night. good luck, you should be able to find everything you need on the forums in the search "engine" .

Thanks for help!

This response submitted by Bonnie (aka Wolfwoman) on 3/20/02. ( )

Thanks for everything! I'm going to take pains to have enough time to do this at one time even if I have to take a day off from work to do it! I want to mount this, and then rug a wonderful red Alaska wolf that I have (or maybe the wolf then the lynx)! Yes, the lynx I have were tanned with taxidermy in mind, and if I run across troubles I know where to look :) Thanks again!

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