Possum Skins....how to tan and how to make a coonskin cap

Submitted by Lindy on 4/2/02. ( jypsymoose@hotmail.com )

I am in New Zealand and have the opportunity to get some green possum skins. I have never done this before...so I am a complete beginner. I have to flesh it, scrape it etc., I rub salt into the skin and leave it...for how long?
Do I pickle ? what is the recipe? Do I neutralize...how ?
I do not have access to tanning kits like WASCO. I do not want to damage the fur. Also would like a pattern for a Davy Crockett cap/hat
If I can complete this challenge would love to experiment with deer and boar skins etc., as my husband is going to go hunting again after many years. We are close to good bush and mountains at this time. I am thrilled to find this site.

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This response submitted by Roger on 4/2/02. ( Emery30@msn.com )

The best advise I can give you would be to refer you to the Tannung category to the left, and encourage you to read the current threads as well as the archives. There is an untold wealth of information there, easily accessible, and covers the entire gamut.

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This response submitted by George on 4/3/02. ( georoof@aol.com )

The pattern and description are in there. I know, I've posted them more than once.

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