Submitted by Eric on 5/6/02. ( LORIANDMIKE@prodigy.net )

I have just started to mess around with mounting some birds, normally I just do big game and some fish. I am having a really hard time getting the feathers to stay together. They are seperating and not falling back in place very good. Is it the tumbling that would do this or what? I am baffled on what to do to try and fix this problem. If anyone has any pointers please let me know, the help is much appreciated. I have a bunch of my own birds to practice on so I am ready to try anything.

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form size

This response submitted by earl on 5/6/02. ( )

your form may be to big. Try using a form a bit smaller, this will give you room to move the skin around and preen your feathers.Also after you tumble, blow dry the feathers to insure they are 100% dry and fluffy. Do this before you mount it on the form.

Bird feathers

This response submitted by Lloyd on 5/8/02. ( lloydswanson@hotmail.com )

..When you have the bird skinned give the feathers a shake with a darning needle in the head cavity I guarantee all the feathers will come out beautiful..You do not need to tumble or wash..Lloyd

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