Bird expectancy before rotting in refrigerator

Submitted by Rob on 5/12/02. ( )

I was wandering how long will a bird that has been skinned and pickled stay good in the refrigerator before it starts to rot? I am not able to yet do Taxidermy full time like I wish ,since I am a recent grad. of a Taxidermy school and still have my other job.Would it be best to refreeze the bird or would that do something to the bird? Any help would be greatly appreciated.. Thank You!

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This response submitted by George on 5/12/02. ( )

You lost me a little on this one since I have no idea how your bird is "pickled". We skin many birds and refreeze them. Then when we get the time, we thaw, DP, and mount. If your bird is dry, it should last 2 or 3 days in the fridge, but the sooner the better.


This response submitted by Rob on 5/12/02. ( )

I guess pickleing was not the right word, I meant putting the birds in diiferent kinds of baths. One for debugging, one for getting the blod out and etc.. I thank you for your response.So it is allright after you skin out a bird to refreeze it untill you are ready to continue work on it


This response submitted by Len on 5/12/02. ( )

Hi Rob, I'm curious as to what they taught you in the taxidermy school ?


This response submitted by Frank E. Kotula on 5/13/02. ( )

If your bird is ready to mount you can place it back in the frezzer till your ready to work on it again.

Len in a recent Breakthrough article they had an issue where they used nicotine for what Rob was probally taking about. It's a toxic chemical that is supposed to kill any bugs that attack the skin on the bird.

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