any CITES experts out there?

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Hi all,

Just starting out here in the UK, as a hobby taxidermist, does anyone know anything about the procedures to be followed should I (for example) want to import a tanned Wolf hide into the UK from the USA? I am aware that from here i need an import licence, and am awaiting detailed guidance notes from the UK CITES department, but there must be someone out there who has exported stuff to the UK before now, and of course done it all legally and above board, so what is the procedure? I am assuming I have to have details from the USA of what I want to import and who from with supporting documentation, to apply for my import licence, and also that whoever is exporting something to me will have to provide me with a copy of their export licence before I can get my import licence. (gets confusing!) I spent ages trawling the UK CITES website trying to figure it out, but ended up totally bogged down. I expect the guidance will come through in a week or two, but can anyone put the procedure into simple terms for me?

Many thanks


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This response submitted by Liz on 5/17/02. ( )

CITES gets confusing, but your management authority should be able to help you out.

Grey wolves, which I will assume you are talking about, are endangered in the lower 48 states. So, a legal wolf would have to come from Alaska or from Canada, and have been shipped to the US. If someone in the US has wolf hides to ship to the UK, they would be CITES II listed. That means whoever is shipping them to you would have to get a CITES II permit from the US management authority. Then it has to clear the fish and wildlife folks here for export, the shipper should contact the fish and wildlife office nearest him/her to make sure they comply with any other export issues. Whatever the UK requires would be in addition to this.

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