Fin Backing Creme... just plain 'ole clear caulk?

Submitted by Amy Ritchie on 5/15/02. ( )

When I saw Fin Backing Creme in the catalog, and the list of uses for it, I though it sounded like pretty good stuff, so I bought some. I wondered if it was the same thing as caulk, since it was in a tube like caulk and sounded sort of like it. But I figured it wasn't.. Today I used my tube for the first time, and while using it the label slipped off of it, revealing the printing underneath! It said "Clear sylicone", and looked just like a regular caulking bottle.. with some other brand name and everything. I find it sort of wierd that they put a "Polytranspar Fin Backing Cream" label over top of the other one! Does Polytranspar just buy the caulking from another company and market it as fin backing cream? Well, one thing's for sure.. if it's the same thing, then I think I can find that same thing at Home Depot for cheaper!


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You learn something new everyday!

This response submitted by Dan on 5/15/02. ( )

You are right Amy. You will learn that alot of the stuff you buy from the supplier you can buy at your locals stores and save quite a bit of money.

white lightning

This response submitted by Woodchick on 5/15/02. ( )

hi amy, the same thing happened to me when I was just starting out. I searched around and found that Walmart sold the same brand adhesive caulk as the WASCO fin backing cream. Its called white lightning ( clear) . I cant remember the price, but its cheaper even if its just the shipping costs. Good Luck

its not silicone.

This response submitted by John C on 5/15/02. ( )

Try painting over silicone, you cannot do it. Paint will not stick.

It more likly read siliconized acrylic latex caulk. There is a bif difference as the term siliconized refers to the way it is blended.

Red Devil

This response submitted by Grouseman on 5/15/02. ( )

makes a clear silicone material that is crystal clear. It is paintable. I personally do not use this stuff for fins put with my water scenes. I use the Ultra Seal with Silk Span form WASCO. It looks alot like elmers but it is more flexable when it is dry. I like to use 3 coats on my fins to give them their thikness back.

You want good fin backing material?

This response submitted by cur on 5/17/02. ( )

Epo-Grip makes the best you can buy. I personally used it for the first time at the Florida State show and was impressed with it. Now that it has a prominent place on my supply shelf, I don't know how I did without it. It is not some re-packaged flim-flam stuff. It was formulated to do the job. This may sound like a commercial, but those who know me understand that I wouldn't endorse a poor product or service if I was paid to do so. WASCO and other quality vendors sell the lines from Newton Supply. Maybe the fin backing goop people should buy Epo-Grip to put on their re-branding labels so that the durned things don't slip off........LOL!

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