Salting fox hide?

Submitted by Bownut on 5/2/02. ( )

I have read in the archives that you should salt a fox hide as you're skinning to help prevent hair slippage. What kind of salt do I use? Also, are there any other precautions I should take? This will be my first one. It's a whole frozen fox in case that matters. Thanks!

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Regular table salt

This response submitted by Paul on 5/2/02. ( )

Iodized or non iodozed table salt is fine to use. Remove all meat and fat after skinning and turning, than double salt.


This response submitted by j hermanns on 5/2/02. ( )

It is best to use plain salt - the kind that has no added chemicals that are used for keeping salt from clumping up. You can use canning and pickling salt - it is for sale in most grocery stores, or buy 50lb bags at a feed store.

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