antler staining

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OK, I looked through the archives a little more and I now have some ideas. Thankyou. I do still have some questions. Rather than using wood stain, witch after repairing antlers with bondo I don't see how the the stain would take to the bondofor one. (maybey it does, I havn't expierimented with it yet). The other thing about stain is that just by using stain on the bondo, the bondo does not give the antlers the right base color. Does this epoxy or Epo-Grip have the natural white color that I am after? Also, I could see using oil base paints as an option and probably comming out with satisfying results that is after years of practice any way. I am not sure if I am ready to jump into that yet. I am also wondering about this potassium parmanganate? Is this the stuff that goes on purple? I talked to a freind and he told me that this was the only way to go if it is the same product he was talking about. If so where can I get some. I did a search on Van Dykes and came up with nothing. Also, does any one have any advice on restoring cracks using bondo around the burr area. My main concern is sanding without loosing to much natural detail. I have a set of antlers and the burrs above the base are quite thick and heavy. Any info would be appreciated, and I know, its probably all in the archives! Thanks

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Rob, here's the deal

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AllGame WILL work but the best antler "maker" I've found is Apoxie Natural. I put down several heavy gage wires and then wrap them with aircraft grade safety wire. On top of this armature, I take Apoxie and rough in the antler tip I need. When it hardens, I rasp it down to the contour I want. Then I take Epo-Grip Antler Repair and put a thin coating over the Apoxie. This material is tea colored and gives a great outside coat to the antler much like what you see when you cut an antler off. The product is SUPER STICKY and you need to dip your fingers in a soap solution to work it out thin enough to match your contours. It dries in less than 10 minutes. Let it set for an hour or so and then steel wool the antler tip. NOW, this new antler will take any and all stains including potassium permanganate. I always keep linseed oil/turpentine 50/50 mix close by. As I stain, I wipe with the 50/50 to blend out those sharp lines where the stain stops and starts. My mounts may look crappy, but customers have a hard time finding the repairs when done this way. Save the Bondo for skull caps and get the good stuff that really works.


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KMNO4 (Potassium permanganate) can be bought at most drug stores. You will have to sign for it as the wackos of this world use it with glycerine and a few other products to make bombs. You can order it directly from Research Mannikens. I always buy a bottle of rubbing alcohol and mix about 1/2 oz KMNO4 with the whole bottle of alcohol. You have to shake the bottle each time you use it and it does go on purple. As I said above, keep the 50/50 handy and wipe over it as soon as you put it on to blend the color out.

Now, we both know it'll be in the archives if someone needs it again.

Just do it like George says

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and you'll be fine, trust me.


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That was the info I was looking for. Thankyou. Much appreciated!

staining bleached deer antlers

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I have two sets of mule deer antlers that have been bleached out because of the BW2 mixture I used. They are european mounts and about a year old. I need to know the best way to restore their color.

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