Stitch advice

Submitted by Gerry on 6/15/02. ( )

Hi Folks, can anyone help me out in my search for information on stiches used in Taxidermy, I have gone through the archives, but all I can find is reference to Basball stitch, no description of how it is formed etc, not that baseball stitch means anything to me being in the UK anyway! Are there any sites out there that illustrate the common stitches used? Many Thanks


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Breakthrough books

This response submitted by earl on 6/15/02. ( )

you can order the Breakthrough deer or mamal instructional books. they go into detail about stitches. I believe the bird book does also.

What do your know about "down under"

This response submitted by George on 6/15/02. ( )

True baseball stitching takes two needles sewing simultaneously, but few taxidermist use more than one needle (I use 2, but I'm weird). Fur side up, skin side down. Slip the needle in to the skin side and out the fur. Cross the gap between the two pieces and insert the needle under the skin and back through the fur. Keep alternating sides in a zig-zag manner and that's what BASEBALLS look like. If you guys would learn that your arms and hands should be used in playing ball, you'd give up that silly assed soccer. LOL

Down George, down

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Do not insult us Europeans by callilng soccer a silly assed game. Those are fighting words for us. Ha Ha. How'd you feel if we'd call beaseball or football a stupid dumb ass game that makes no sense? Hm? Just thought I give you a hard time since it's fahter's day and I haven't given you a hard time in a while. By the way I am a big football fan (Dallas Cowboys), but soccer only during the World cup. Go Germany, go!


This response submitted by George on 6/16/02. ( )

You KNOW how it's gonna kill me to sit and keep my mouth shut, don't you? Oh, well, there's always tomorrow.


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Hi Folks, thanks for the advice on stitches,
Why you have to use your hands as well as your feet to control a ball is beyond me, perhaps if you lot practised more you could play the game properly LOL.
I'm not a football or soccer or baseball fan by the way, much happier going out trying to tempt Brown trout with dry flies, not sure what you get in the USA and elsewhere, but my best yet is 14 + half pound from Lough Corribbe in S. Ireland. Unfortunately we had to eat it, (Mmmm) as I was only thinking Taxidermy then and we had no means of keeping it or getting it home due to the foot and mouth restrictions then in place, would have looked great on the wall, I'll just have to go and have another bash one day!

Thanks folks


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