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I'm looking for a step by step procedure to preserve or mount crustaceans such as crawfish and crabs. Steps including info on death of creature, preparation before mounting (how to remove meat etc.), dis/reassembly. What a/b the ant bed myth? Is it useful? How do I paint and seal the creature when finished? All tips and suggestions are welcome! Thanks!

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research Blue Crabs its already posted here.

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Use the search button.

Try crawfish too

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Ants? They clean them out pretty well, buy be prepared to replace some of the connective tissue between segments. The crabs or crawfish should be positioned, blocked and pinned and dried a bit before introducing them to the ants. We just did some crabs for the grandkids by using the ants. First one by accident.......LOL, the others by intent.

Ants do not eat odor, by the way........and, a preservative must be used to flush the cavities afterwards.

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