Eye to Nose Measurement

Submitted by Allen on 08/08/2002. ( avie5119@aol.com )

What is the best and most accurate way to get the eye to nose measurement on a tanned cape that has not been measured before skinning?
Thanks Alot,

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This response submitted by Frank E. Kotula on 08/08/2002. ( basswtrout@aol.com )

That's one area I don't really worry about any more. It's hard these days to find a form ( deer ) that really matches up with your nose to eye. I just use it as a reference when I'm mounting a deer. Lets say I get a head in with a nose to eye at 7 1/2" and the neck is 16.5". It's hard to find one of that size without pulling your hair out ( I'm more than half bald now so I know LOL). I just worry about the neck and then alter the head to fit the nose to eye. If it's within a 1/4" then I mount as usual.
But to get to your question all I do is lay the head down in a realxed but try to make the head look somewhat normal shape and take a pair of calipers and measure the nose to eye.


This response submitted by rick on 08/08/2002. ( newbirdman )

Frank , if you have a deer with a nose to eye of 7 1/2" and a neck of 16 1/2" that poor thing must be starved to dead . A deer with a nose to eye of 7 1/2" should have a 21" - 23" neck.

PA deer

This response submitted by Frank E. Kotula on 08/08/2002. ( basswtrout@aol.com )

You need to hunt in PA and see some of the pencil neck deer we have LOL

same thing here!

This response submitted by Fat Back on 08/09/2002. ( )

I've seen wt deer with a 6 1/2" n-e and the neck be anywhere from 14" to 22 inches! No set rule for these southern deer! Such a deer does have a unique look though! Same thing too with 7 - 7 1/2" deer with normal 16- 18 necks! I guess I'm partial to these southern deer as some of the big northerns have a drab look and loss of detail. Big ol heads like a five gallon bucket. Most likely it's just what I'm use to seeing that I like!

I'm trying to learn to not worry about e-n and I don't all that much anymore but if I can get a form that is better suited for what I have I go for it!

Just mounted a mid November wt with a 7 1/4 en and a 15 inch neck, the ol boy still sported a nice 16 inch wide 8 point rack! I call'em "lost Texas deer around here! And I'm a long way from Texas! Ha!

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