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Submitted by Mark on 08/04/2002. ( )

Hi! I would like to learn how to mount gamebirds and big game heads as a winter project this next winter. What are some good books that will help me get started? I hope to use birds that I will harvest this year and hopefully a mule deer head. What is the best way to take care of a bird when I kill it and store it till I am ready to mount it? What about the deer head? Thanks for any help! I am glad i found this site, I am sure I will learn alot here.


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check the archives

This response submitted by mudratt on 08/05/2002. ( )

everything you want to know is in the archives to the left.Lloyd H

Get the Breakthrough Beginners series

This response submitted by Mike on 08/07/2002. ( )

Look up WASCO Taxidermy supplies and get the Breakthrough Beginners course series and read then on.

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