Mod Podge

Submitted by Dan Catlin on 08/09/2002. ( )

When applying texture to the nose of a whitetail deer what is the sequence. I painted, glossed with Liquid Crystal, then Mod Podge. Is this right? It looks good but I was not sure I applied Mod Podge in the right order. Thanks.

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Again there is no set standard.

This response submitted by John C on 08/09/2002. ( )

If you are happy with the way it looks, then it was done correctly. Compare your finished product to photos and see. If it looks like a raspberry then its wrong.


This response submitted by Dan on 08/09/2002. ( )

Thank you.

i like; to put the modge on then paint

This response submitted by alien on 08/09/2002. ( )

I like to put two coats of the modge pod on and then paint, and then alittle gloss over it. thats the way I was taught and read articles and it looks pretty good, but like John said. Whatever trips you trigger and your happy with.

Maybe it's just me....

This response submitted by Grouseman on 08/10/2002. ( )

But I have had better luck using ultra seal from WASCO. It is to be a little thicker then modge podge thus stays in one place better. The modge podge is too runny for me!
Just my opinion.

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