First King samon

Submitted by Rodeo on 08/05/2002. ( )

I got my first king to do. Can someone recammand the best video to help on a king Somon. Or any advice will be nice.Thanks

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king slamon

This response submitted by on 08/06/2002. ( )

I have done a few kings in my day, and the best was by my own experience, is this. First is to trace him out on a piece of cardboard, and take and mark the template with all required measurements. Next order an artificial head to match existing specimen. When the head comes in, skin and flesh the fish removing the real head . Flesh it out very well, and remove all bits and pieces from skin roots. Soak ina good degreaser, till clean. Rinse, and then soak in a methanol or denatured alcoholbath cut 50% with water till you are ready to mount. While this is going on, take your measuremants, and carve out a matching body, that will also be a perfect match for the head you have chosen. Carving your own body will give you the best results, and will give you a perfect union to the obtained head.Next, relax the fish incool water for about 20 minutes and drain. Use borax or DP on the skin being carefull to remove all little clumps prior to attaching skin. Conventionally mount like anyother fish, with the skin flap making a perfect match on the top with head joint union. Card and pin as usual, and wait till it is VERY dry. At this point using epoxy or Epo-Grip, attach the head permanently to the form end, and blend in the skin union. Go about your normal mounting and finishing teqniques as you would any fish!
Hope this helped, it is only the method i use, maybe someone else can add somethign


This response submitted by christy on 08/06/2002. ( )

Tom can i use acetone instead of methanol or denatured alcol and will this samething work on browns and lakers


This response submitted by Frank E. Kotula on 08/06/2002. ( )

I know there are formulas out there that say you can use it but it's toxic and flammable. But it's your life choose well.
I can degrease a salmon in Epo-Grips degreaser with no ill effects. But I also replace all fins. This way I can count on my mount to be grease free since fins hold in plenty of grease.

No No

This response submitted by on 08/07/2002. ( )

Like Frank said, NOOOOOOOOOOO! As Frank also stated, it is your health so enjoy the party, but with so many otehr products out there, and Epo-Grips is a great one, why not usetherightone1

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