dp and tanning

Submitted by Brian on 08/26/2002. ( 2314g@excite.com )

I have noticed that dp users dont seam to have as many problems with hair slippage as people who use tanning solutions. Keeping the ph in the right level or in the solutions to long seam to be the greatest problems.

I cant really see the advantage of tanning if you are takeing a chance with someones hide . I have looked in the achives and havent seen any listing of people who used dp and had anything go wrong with a mount if they wait for the hide to dry.

I`m a beginner and I might be wrong so bash away.
Tell me the advantage of tanning if there is one.

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Depends on your ability to flesh.

This response submitted by John C on 08/26/2002. ( )

There are plenty of DP rpoblems out there, I get e-mails almost daily about them. Bugs are able to get nutrition form a dped hide where as most quality tans leave no edible materials in the hide. Since tanning has been around longer than DP, I prefer to go with a tan.

here we go

This response submitted by Tracy on 08/26/2002. ( )

Hi iam very new to taxidermy and i have spent alot of hours in the archives on this subject, trying to figure out what method i wanted to use on game heads,what ive founed is dp users (birds and small mammals,fish excluded)are constantly feeling the need to defend that process,where on the other hand tanners have not had to defend there methods at all this tells me that (in my own simple mind of course)tanning speaks for itself therefor tanners have no reason to defend it and folks that use dp cant really say anything negative about it .i have decided to go with tanning just for these reasons.....OK iam holding on, fire away....Tracy

fleshing machine and D.P.

This response submitted by Steve on 08/26/2002. ( snelgro@nts-online.net )

I have been using d.p. for 15 years and have never had any trouble ,but some say if you live where it is humuid that you will well I don`t and never have, I also have a mini-flesher and a fleshing machine that I flesh with both,so I use a good hide paste and never have any trouble ,Rick at WASCO once told me that if you learn to flesh really well you could us D.P. AND MOUNT ANY THING,well I bought a fleshing machine and learned to us it and after 15 years I am a firm believer in what Rick said ,and that all I will say

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