Changing tips on paasche airbrush?

Submitted by Amy Ritchie on 08/25/2002. ( )

Can anyone tell me how to change the tips on a Paasche H airbrush? (Old Fart, maybe you could help me with this one?)

Right now my airbrush has the heavy "5" tip in it, but I want to try a smaller tip. I can't for the life of me figure out how to change it, though!


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Amy, do you have the schematic, parts list?

This response submitted by Kristoph on 08/25/2002. ( )

If not order the aIRBRUSH BIBLE 2000 from You want to unscrew the nut that you plug your cup/jar into, part #6, back it off holding on to the cone shaped apperature that your paint comes out of. making sure you don't lose the rubber seal.You'll not only have to replace the needle but tip too, part #3, the needles and tips work in conjuncture with one another. When you unscew the tip needle it will be disassembled from the tip, so do it over a clean towel so you don't loose anything. I use an Iwata now and it's been a while since I played with the Paasche but if I recall there may be a hex set screw you'll need an allen wrench to back out. Do yourself a big favor and get the book. It has schematics for just about every imaginable brush. Good luck, any questions feel free to email me. To change tips/needle just assemble carefully in reverse order

you can call bearair at

This response submitted by Kristoph on 08/25/2002. ( )


It's Easy

This response submitted by Old Fart on 08/25/2002. ( )

Loosen the set screw and unscrew anything that unscrews. You will need to know all of this anyway as you will occasionally need to disassemble and clean it. It ammounts to only three or four piece so you can't get them mixed up. The valve assembly for the air is only a bit more complicated. I am not very mechanically gifted and I take all my airbrushes apart all the time.


This response submitted by LT on 08/25/2002. ( )

there is a setscrew under that ball-shape housing.See it?Just use appropriate size allen wrench to loosen it(no need to remove completely)now unscrew cone(its knurled)while simultaneusly sliding needle backwards.Voila,your done.

Thanks guys!

This response submitted by Amy Ritchie on 08/25/2002. ( )

I figured out how to change the tips!

One more question I had was, do I need to dissasemble the whole thing every time I change a color or finish using it? I didn't feel good about just putting some cleaner in the color cup and flushing it out, so I've been taking it apart and cleaning every little piece every time I'm finished.


Not necessary everytime you change colors unless...

This response submitted by Cecil Baird on 08/26/2002. ( )

it seems to be clogged. I do disassemble and clean mine with q tips soaked with lacquer thinner (I use lacquer paints) after I am done for the day however. If the cotton head should come off in the hole where the color cup fits in pull it out with a t-pin.

Try their website

This response submitted by Wayne on 08/26/2002. ( )

Do a search for their website. There you print everything from the schematics for assembly, parts list for ordering, and cleaning instructions.

Quick change out

This response submitted by LH on 08/29/2002. ( )

What I do when I'm done with a color, I toss the up in a bowl of thinner to soak, then stick the nose end of the brush into clean thinner, blow it out (not into the thinner or it goes everywhere:) and repeat. Couple times doing that usually gets it clean. Then, I dip and swirl the cup in the thinner, wipe the inside with my little finger to knock loose the tenacious stuff on the inside, then reattach it to the brush, spray a couple streams of thinner (clean) into the cup, open the tip qide open and let er rip. Gets it all clean in seconds.

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