Morton's Solar Salt

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Hi everybody.

I have looked in the archives and found some info on solar salt, however it really didn't answer my question. I found at my local feed store a 50lb bag of Morton's Fine Solar Salt. It says on the bag, "Salt, Yellow Prussiate of Soda", it also says for agricultural feed mixing. It is white in color, and has the consistency of table salt, very fine. I know from reading the archives that Solar Salt should be saved for water softeners, however seeing this is a feed salt do you think it would be OK to use on hides? Any input that anyone could offer would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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I Have Used It.....

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....But the other fine ground mixing salts have been cheaper. I think that you pay for the Morton brand name. It is a drying agent to get the water out of the hides nothing more. If it is all you can get, use it. The finer the salt, the greater the surface area of salt in contact with the skin, the greater the drying effect.

Get a box of

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Canning Salt if nothing else 43cents or so my wife says
No Iodine

or ask the feed store for the cheapest salt and tell him your using it for drying hides.

salting hides

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Most agway feed stores sell PUREX salt in 80 pound bags for 8.00. Cant beat the price!

Thanks All...

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Thanks everyone for the responses so far. I forgot to mention in my initial post that the price for this 50lb bag was only $5.40. I thought for that price I would try it. I just wanted to make sure it was going to be OK to use. Thanks again.

As mentioned Finemixing salt for livestock.

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Having chased taxidermy half way around the world. Most often as I mentioned in the title is available almost everywhere. The yellow Pur is a compound that prevents caking,with no nuetrional value or chemical values in the amount used.

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