Got Deer Today-Now what?

Submitted by Beginner on 11/01/2002. ( )

I brought home a nice nine point white tail deer today. Rather than cut the antlers off I would like to try and mount the head. I will probably order a Van Dyke's kit form Cabelas. I won't get it for a couple days. I would like to know what should I be doing right now? Skin out the head? Flesh? Freeze? Help please.

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Come on George

This response submitted by jc on 11/01/2002. ( )

Give it to him straight!

Horse ahead of the cart

This response submitted by Len on 11/01/2002. ( )

Hi beginner, The kit won't do you much good unless you know how to do everything. Better order a video too and freeze your head until you know what to do. Good luck.


This response submitted by paul bunyan on 11/01/2002. ( )

search the archives there is more info in them then you could
possibly imagine.


This response submitted by Tim on 11/01/2002. ( )

It depends if you plan to tan or dry preserve. If you plan to tan you could go ahead and skin, flesh, and salt the hide. By the time your kit arrives all you'll have to do is rehydrate and finish the tanning process and shaving. If you dry preserve you could put the head right in the freezer if the rack will fit. If not you'll be forced to skin it. I would flesh it also and turn eyes,ears,nose,lips,etc and then freeze. Then all you'll have to do is just thaw and dry preserve and your ready to mount when your kit comes in.

Lens right

This response submitted by Tim on 11/01/2002. ( )

You better be sure you know how to mount, tan, and everything else.

i'll help you

This response submitted by Mike on 11/02/2002. ( )

first skin the head back around your antlers make a Y cut just enough to get the head out watch the mussel area it is tought to skin for the first time after that flesh it free of meat then salt for 24 hours tanners salt only then pickle with 80 degree water mix as directed for 36 hours then heat tanning oil to 120 degrees and do like the salt and spreed it out leave it out in thhe cold for 6-12 hours set your antlers and your eyes and you should be set if you want more help buy a video on it

no disrespect intended, but...

This response submitted by Fat Back on 11/02/2002. ( )

Mike you left out a quite a bit! If this guy follows your instructions... oh boy! He'll get lost quick!

You'll need to turn the ears, split the lips, eyelids and nose before salting. Also beginners seem to always cut the skull plate too small. The kits are very hepful to beginners but are no exception to needing to know what your doing.

Buy a video and spend some time reading the archives! Educate yourself as much as possibe and you will appreciate the new knowledge once you put your hands to work! The outcome will show you what you've learned!

Most of all enjoy yourself while learning! It aint rocket science, so relax and have fun!

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