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Submitted by scott on 11/01/2002. ( )

It's cold out, I found an extremely nice gray fox roadkill as fresh and chilled as can be, but I've never tanned anything with the fur on, and from what I see in your archives, tanning fox can be rough due to slippage. I've skinned it out, and put it straight into the freezer (no salt) until I can get some advice from you guys. I'm planning on pickling w/ oxolic acid for 2 days, then fleshing, wash w/ dawn & salt, rinse, pickling for 2 more days, wash again, neutralize w/ soda, rinse, then tan. I'm not going to mount this or anything, just want a nice pelt for the hunting lodge. I looked through the archives & this seems to be the way to do it. AM I WRONG? Anyone got a better way for getting this thing onto the wall without it being stiff and stinky? Thanks alot.

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Dont have to Pickle twice

This response submitted by James on 11/02/2002. ( )

Skin,Flesh,Salt,Wash,Pickle,Neutralize,Tan and enjoy


This response submitted by Larry on 11/02/2002. ( Shootist220@webtv.net )

Scott,I have tanned furs all my life and hee is the process:If you wash or clean fur do it after the salt process and use a CAP ful of Bactercide in your 5 gallon water bucket.Be very careful to get out all soap.1 teaspoon soap to 5 gal of water is about decent,RINSE WELL.


2.Flesh~very good,use a paint scraper,rround corners of it so yo won't tear hide or fur.

3.Salt with NON~Iodized Salt~2 days if you have dry weather.Damp Foggy weather 5 days in the Salt,cause damp humid conditions cause SALT to CURE slower.

4.Pickle~Best pickle is "Safety Acid" from Van Dykes.It will give you a 1.5 acid content for 12 hours for Coon,Coyote,Fox,bobcat small animals.I put a capful of Bactercide in my pickle,it wont hurt,it will kill any bacteria that the salt didn't.Your acid content will not kill germs enough I do not feel.

5.While the hide is still in the pickle,drop ina little Baking soda at a time and check with litmus paper until your pickle bath is brought up from a 1.5 to a --->4,that will be what your tan bath should or will be.NOW let hide stay in ths for 20~30 minutes to be sure hide is at around a 4 on litmus paper.You want your PH to stay close to same as your tan,so DO NOT RINSE OUT THE HIDE,Let drain for 30 minutes,then put hide straight into TAN BATH.Let set in Tanning Bath for 12~14 hours on small animals,some might say this is to long,but Tan bath will not hurt your hide
ok.I want it tanned throught out.Then take out drain and hang up for 40 minutes,then take flesh side and rub down with a warm Finish Tanning oil (oil temp 90 to 100),then roll up for 8 hours,then take down and put in tumbler for 1 hour,work hide with hands until completely dry.Fur will be soft forever.Larry


This response submitted by scott on 11/02/2002. ( )

Thanks for the info guys. If I don't finish fleshing, should I re-freeze, or go ahead and pickle and re-flesh when that is done? Can I use Acid Bath Crystals instead of the safety acid? I was going to neutralize with 1oz soda/g water for 15 min. is this right? Also, I was going to tan with Lutan F. I appreciate the help.

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