full service tannery

Submitted by Tracy (Oregon) on 11/02/2002. ( )

Hello iam looking for a full service tannery that takes a raw cape and sends it back ready to mount?including all splitting,tanning ect. Thanks Tracy

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Tracy, a word of caution

This response submitted by George on 11/02/2002. ( georoof@aol.com )

You really aren't looking for a TANNERY, you're looking for a taxidermist. Tanneries tan hides solely, for the most part. Every now and then you find one of the smaller ones who "does it all" or recently, I saw a big one that was running a sub operation for the dirty work separate to the tanning. Sounds as if you want them to do all the hard work. Anyone can tack a hide to a mannikin, but that's one job, you need to know intimately. Even having someone do it is no guarantee it will be done as thin as you like it or correctly.

thanks george

This response submitted by tracy on 11/03/2002. ( )

Hi george; waht iam doing is my hunying buddy killed a nice buck and wanted me to mount it for him,i have read everything and watched the videoes i just have no hands on,so i was thinking if i could get somone to do the tricky part(splitting)i have 3 forked horns to practice on but i wanted to see one that had been done correctly i guess iam really lacking confidence well i think ill freeze the big buck and practice on the forked horns...thanks for the response ...Tracy

Where ?

This response submitted by SID on 11/04/2002. ( )

Tracy , what part of ORE. maybe I can help ?

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