George can you help

Submitted by owanna on 11/03/2002. ( )

I spoke with you earlier about my bear. I cream tanned it with JRTS.The hair is still greasy and needs to be washed again. I now have my manikin and am ready to mount it. I told you I had some hair slippage but not bad just in places. you said I should have sent it off to be tanned and it may be a hopeless cause now. Well I have to try since I have gone this far. You also told me I needed something stronger to wash it in other than Dawn. What would you suggest? I am desperate to make this work.

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I use Bloodout/Degreaser from Epo-Grip

This response submitted by George on 11/03/2002. ( )

But Bruce Rittel has a great soap and Van Dykes carries the original called "Eliminator" and a few other strong soaps that will attack the grease. Follow the directions closely and don't exceed 20 minutes MAX submersion times.

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