sitting mount

Submitted by gary on 11/03/2002. ( )

i need help, i am in the middle of a lifesize wolf mount in the sitting position and am having a hard time getting the hide to fit on the form. the way the form is cast the backside of the hind legs meets the hind quarter, there is no where for the skin to go from the legs. i know if i try to open it up with a dremel it will make it too weak and i will end up breaking the leg off. i hope this makes sense to someone. please help

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To big for Dremel tools

This response submitted by John C on 11/03/2002. ( )

You are on the right tract to cut the relief slots, a 1/4 to 3/8 inch diameter drill bit to cut those slots will work fine. Wehre the upper leg attaches to the body down around the belly, even up between the rear legs and up behind the front legs. Mounts dont have to be able to be beat around, but we all know it happens. After I get the critter mounted, I will cut a very small hole and run a lag bolt in the length I need into the weak areas. Remove it add 10 minute epoxy for Newton Supply and run the lag bolt back in. When it sets its done forever.

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