Beginner Squirrel Mount Question - Feet

Submitted by Dan on 11/04/2002. ( )

Hello everyone,
I'm new to the art of taxidermy and have a question regarding squirrel mounts. I have just recently skinned the specimen, leaving the feet tissue and bone intact. I have frozen the hide until my kit and manikin arrives. Can anyone provide some type of guidance to a method for preserving the feet? I purchased the WASCO Beginners Guides, however, they lack in detail on this subject. Is it possible to preserve the feet intact, or do I have to skin entirely? Thank you very much for your time.

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You Need To Skin Them Out!

This response submitted by Andy on 11/04/2002. ( )

Hello Dan!

You need to skin the toes out to the last digit, which means done to the last joint of the toes. cut the toes off at the joint between the bone with the toe nail and rest of the foot, being sure to remove all the tissue with the foot. When you're mounting the feet you can either add clay to each of the toes or plump them up with caulk. Which goes into great detail here in the archives some place, type in skinning toes or something along those lines at the search button.

Hope this helps! Andy.


This response submitted by Dan on 11/06/2002. ( )

Thanks Andy. I'll search the archives for more details.
Thanks again!

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