Fleshing machine

Submitted by Jeffy on 11/04/2002. ( )

I use a wire wheel on a bench grinder wondering about trying a fleshing machine are they that much faster and easier and wich machune would be good for a beginner THANKS

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This response submitted by mike on 11/04/2002. ( )

on how much you want to spend. Dakota IV or V by Van Dykes are good and so is the quebec lite. If you want a cheap way to go...buy the quebec lite head and go to the electrical store in your area and by a 1/2 hp motor for about 60 bucks.


This response submitted by Tim on 11/04/2002. ( )

can you buy just the head? Van Dykes, or elswere?

Quebec Lite is sold to acomodate your budget.

This response submitted by Gerry on 11/05/2002. ( info@fleshig.ca )

Hi Jeffy,

Our machine can be sold head unit only for $485.00, head and motor 625.00 or complete with table and legs 885.00 With the motor you get the wiering of an off/on switch, the hinge adaptor to secure the motor under your bench and the industrial pully. We simply try to simplefy things for our customers. For instance, if you buy a cheap motor that you can't reverse rotation on it, you will be surprised by the fat shooting upwards in your face.

The same applies to the table, most of you can make a table but when I realised that Jonas Bros. 20 years ago assembled a table with a 3/4 inch press wood top, no holes for the shaving, no on/off switch I realised that I had to offer a reasonnably priced accesories so my customers were getting the most out of there machines. I'm specialised in fleshing machines and try to give the most results for the "buck". The bottom line is the PROFIT LINE.

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