how to keep hide fresh while altering form?

Submitted by Chrissy on 11/05/2002. ( )

The squirrel that I am working on is a lot smaller than the "sitting with nut" kit that I bought from Van Dykes, I need to do a good bit of alterations, and need to know how to keep the skin fresh while I work on the form. I have already fleshed, have sewn holes, and am using DP. When I fitted I found out that the squirrel was way too small. This is for a young boy and I really want it to work. I'm worried that if I take too long the hair will slip. Is there any way to keep the skin fresh and still be able to fit it as I work? Should I go ahead and put the DP on? Yes,(George, sorry had to say that) I have searched the archives, and I can't find the answer to my question.

I am slow, and still want it too work. Is there any thing I can do, or am I a hopeless cause?

Thanks a bunch,

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This response submitted by wetnwild on 11/05/2002. ( )

As long as the squirrel is already fleshed and DP'd, just take whatever measurements you need, and toos him in the fridge for a few hours. It should not takle you taht long to adjust it. You are going to have to keep test fiting it, so freezing it is out of the question. Just try not to handle it to much without gloves as the heat from your fingers is what will make the hair slip

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