Ok, i'm really new to this and need a lot of help....

Submitted by DDavis89325is on 11/05/2002. ( bmwz3boy@earthlink.net )

Ok, i want to start hunting Coyotes, Red Fox, squirrel, rabbit, and coons, but how do i go about selling these. I know of a guy near where i live that buys them but i don't now what to do to them before selling them to him.

What do i do after i shoot the coyote, coon, ect....?

How do i skin the animal?

Do i leave the legs of the animal on?

What all needs to be left on the animal?

Can i take the whole animal to the guy and sell it?

How do i store the animal before i take it to the person?

How do i remove the fleas and otehr things from the animals?

How do i make a stretcher?

Thanks for reading this and hopefilly someone will reply, you can e-mail me at ddavis89325is@yahoo.com too. Any help is greatly appriciated. Thanks!

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This response submitted by Coyote on 11/05/2002. ( mrathnow@comcast.net )

First of all, if you have someone that buys the fur from you. Give him a call, and ask him exactly what he wants done to the hide. Most fur buyers would rather do the skinning themself, If they know a beginner is skinning them. Your not going to get the full price though if they have to skin it.



This response submitted by j on 11/06/2002. ( )

I'm kinda new at this but I have a freind who does taxidermy and he usually puts skins in the freezer to kill ticks and such and then combs them out. I suggest you talk to the guy you are trying to sell them to what you need to do and what to leave on the animal.


This response submitted by Coyote on 11/06/2002. ( mrathnow@comcast.net )

I'm not the one trying to sell the hides. D.Davis is trying to sell hides. I was just telling him to call is fur buyer.


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