Flying Pheasant Form

Submitted by Matt on 11/12/2002. ( )

Im thinking of trying my first pheasant(flying wall mount).My question is,is there a flying form made by McKenzie or is there just one form made used for flying or standing?There catalog shows a standing bird but doesnt mention flying.Thanks for any help.

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It´s very easy to

This response submitted by Dave on 11/12/2002. ( )

make your own form from excelsior. It´sgood enough, because you do not need any difficult shape for pheasant. Be carefull to make it about 1 cm smaller (in all of the measures) then the right body. It´s good to wet excelsior before forming a form (it goes easier). Than make a form by whipping wet excelsior with some yard(twine). The final form must be hard (for easy fixing of wire in it) with smooth surface(made by yard). That´s the easy way to make your own form.

Buy a Kit

This response submitted by Jeff Uecker on 11/28/2002. ( )

Buy a flying pheasant kit from McKenzie. It comes with everything you need for the body except the wire for about $20.00.

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