tanning steps

Submitted by Alek Hamilton on 11/07/2002. ( )

I'm new and was wondering if anyone could give me a brief description of what the following steps actually do to a skin during the tanning process. No need for a lot of chemistry... just looking for a basic description.

1) Salt (why dry the skin?)
2) Brine soak (why do it and what does "relax" the skin mean?)
3) Tanning (does this preserve or just soften skin?

THANKS in advance for the information...

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Alek, the best place for you to look is the tanning button

This response submitted by John C on 11/07/2002. ( )

Everything you are asking is located under tanning on the left side of the screen. Very well detailed I might add. It will take you a little time to read the post and remember scroll all the way to the bottom for more information in the Archieves.

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