short neck forms for mule deer

Submitted by jeff on 11/14/2002. ( )

I have a short caped mule deer that will require a neck form. I have seen w/t forms in this style but not mule deer forms. does anyone know where I can find short necked mule deer forms or can I use a w/t form on a mule deer? How about modifying a proper sized shoulder for and if so how ?

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As easy as it gets

This response submitted by Dan S. on 11/14/2002. ( )

Just order a regular mule deer form, cut it, and put a backboard on it.


This response submitted by mike d on 11/14/2002. ( )

Tell them how long you want it and they'll pour one that length for you.

Van Dykes

This response submitted by SRG on 11/16/2002. ( )

Van Dykes still sells neck form for mule deer as well.

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