Help with Ticks

Submitted by Leo on 11/13/2002. ( )

I have a deer hide that is infested with ticks. Does anyone know if it will hurt the hide to spray with a flea and tick spray for dogs?

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Put it in the freezer

This response submitted by b. bishop on 11/13/2002. ( bishops@newnorthdotnet )

I know this works but not sure about the minimum time it takes. Anyone else out there know ? I have used sprays myself and spray into the bag and close it up tight and I have'nt had any problems as of yet. This does take time however and time is important when it comes to hides and capes. Brad

Freeze it

This response submitted by John on 11/13/2002. ( )

Ive found out the best thing to do to kill those things it put it in a freezer for a few days.Dont rill it to tight though it need to freeze solid.That will kill them.

This was just discussed a couple days ago

This response submitted by Raven on 11/13/2002. ( )

Best thing for getting rid of ticks is to freeze them. They will die once frozen completely solid. 3 days in a good freezer will do the lil buggers in =)

We use lacquer thinner!

This response submitted by Joe Pycke on 11/14/2002. ( )

I get the job of caping and skinning out the deer at work and the ticks were driving me up the wall. I started spraying the capes with lacquer thinner and it kills them on contact. It was used on about 60 capes last year and we never had any problems. If you use this be sure to spray the capes in a well venilated area. Hope this helps, it has worked great for me!


This response submitted by Bobbi Meyer on 11/15/2002. ( )

I have yet to see any of the little buggers live through my pickle baths! Better than Skin So Soft!

Ticks are History!

This response submitted by Mike on 11/15/2002. ( )

I have to agree with Joe. I got a fresk buck in today and it was loaded with ticks. I sprayed them with the lacquer to give it a try and in three seconds they were dead. Give it a try for yourself. You'll be amaized.

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