Shaving a hide..... ?

Submitted by Wolfwoman on 11/13/2002. ( )

Nope, not a question on how to do it, but rather an inquiry.

Have any of you ever used an Alaskan Ulu on your hides? If so, I'd like to know your thoughts and results.


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This response submitted by Oddball on 11/13/2002. ( )

Yep, tried one, I only use it on fish, but it make's short work on seals. Take's too bloody long, you only have 2- 21/2 inch's of a rounded blade, get a currier's knife and a beam. Oddball

Invaluable for bears

This response submitted by George on 11/13/2002. ( )

I wouldn't bank on it for shaving, but for taking the fat of a big bear, the beveled blade sharpened only on one side makes defatting one a breeze. You can take 4 inch swaths of fat off just like ice off your windshield.


This response submitted by Wolfwoman on 11/14/2002. ( )

More ideas for me to use my Ulu with! LOL

I actually shaved a deer hide with it and it worked pretty good for me, was just curious as to others use of it!

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