tanning an elk hide

Submitted by jeff on 11/14/2002. ( )

I've tanned lots of deer with good success and now I'm starting my first elk. Should I use the same timelines as a typical deer cape or do elk require special attention. Generaly I salt for two to three days. Air dry until hard. pickle in saftee acid for three days before shaving back in the pickel for a couple more days then nuteralize and in the lutan F as per cape weight. Thanks for any suggections.

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Pretty much the same...

This response submitted by Paul on 11/14/2002. ( )

just four times the amount of products you will use than with a deer. Maybe a little longer in the pickle since the hide is thicker and possibly shave twice.


This response submitted by Frank E. Kotula on 11/15/2002. ( basswtrout@aol.com )

Paul is prety much correct:
salt,dry and rehydrate
pickle, shave, repickle and then shave it again. You can get an elk hide as thin as a deer and they lay real nice on the forms after that.
then pickle, neturlize, and tan. As for tanning I use EZ-100 and had great results with this.

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