Cape thread breaking

Submitted by George on 11/08/2002. ( )

Have you ever been sewing up a big game animal or a tough skinned one and about half way through, your thread snaps?

Well, if you have, the following tip was given to me by Steve Steinbring of Epo-Grip fame. Steve also runs a framing and matting business and he said it's a well know "trick" used by professionals.

This only applies to doubled thread and you'll find it invaluable if you've taken an earlier hint of using 4 to 8 pound Fireline for sewing.

First, you cut your thread to length (actually, twice the working length). Then you fold it in half and tie a knot in the tag ends. Grasp the knot and pull the thread through your fingers until you reach the tab end. Pull agains the tab to make it "pointed" and feed the tab up through the needle eye. Push it through far enough to allow you to push the needle tip through the tab loop. Grab the needle point and pull the needle up until the thread cinches below the eye of the needle. This forms a Lark's Head knot under the needle and stops the needle's eye from sawing through your cape thread. It also won't snag or catch when you sew.

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