Deer Foot Thermometer

Submitted by Mudbug98 on 11/15/2002. ( )

I have just started my first deer foot thermometer kit and I have gotten all the hair off and it's down to the hoofs but there is where I am sorta lost. I don't understand how to get the bone out of the hoof. Can anyone help me with this ?

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Deer Foot Thermometer

This response submitted by Patricia Tuckers Taxidermy on 11/15/2002. ( )

Hi Mudbug,
Why are you taking the hair off the foot? Then I do the deer foot I leave the hair on. Make a split on the back side, skin it all the way down to the last joint and dislocate the bone. Be careful not to cut the gland between the hoof. Thats as far as you go. You use a foot form. The hoof will dry. Use boroax on the skin.

Good Luck,

LOL Patricia, I HOPE he means "skinned"

This response submitted by George on 11/15/2002. ( )

If I'm right, you mean you're having troubles getting the toes out of the hooves. You'll need a pair of curved blade fish shears to get it the easiest as you have to get the toe bone right at it's last joint (it's under the hoof). I don't recall what I used before I discovered that little trick.


This response submitted by Frank E Kotula on 11/16/2002. ( )

I like to split the skin all the way down the middle of the hoof. With a shape knife and a bit of pulling on the skin down get as far as you can. I then slip the knife between the skin and the bone and fill for the last joint. Lift the knife up and cut the tendon and it will go right into the last joint. As soon as that is cut I bend it so I can get throught the rest with ease. Each hoof is done this way.

George I haven't tried that methos but I will give it whril. Never had problems by spliting them down the middle but they are a real pain.

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