Preserving Antelope horns

Submitted by Dee on 11/08/2002. ( )

I have got a set of antelope horns, just off the skull. I am wanting to use them on a mount, but am not sure what I need to do to preserve them before I put them back onto the skull. I checked the archives, and didn't really see where it said what to do....or maybe I could have just missed it. If anyone could give me a suggestion, I would greatly appreciate it. I am thinking of using dry preservative............but I do not know if this is god or bad.
Thanks in advance, Dee

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DP is good

This response submitted by Jerm on 11/09/2002. ( )

I just finished my first Antelope and once I pulled horns from cores, I filled with salt for 3 days then dumped the salt and then filled them with DP and left the DP in for about 2 weeks. Seems to have worked great. Good Luck, Lopes make such beautiful mounts!


This response submitted by Tim on 11/09/2002. ( )

I put borax in them. Let them sit for a couple of days. Shake them to nock the loose stuff out and bondo the sheaths back on.


This response submitted by Dee on 11/10/2002. ( )

Thanks everyone for all the help that this forum gives.

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