Very Best Duck Mounting Video (Step by Step)

Submitted by Todd Stiles on 11/17/2002. ( )

Greetings All: I'm a middle aged (only say that because I have the desire/patience to take my time and do a good job) enthusiast who wants desperately to mount a couple ducks to show at the house.

I'm a long time wanna be...

Is there truely a step 1,2,3 video which covers skinning, preparing, posing, moutning withour expensive tools, etc? In other words, something that will give me great results withour a fleshing machine, tumbler, etc..

Please explain in detail.

Also, if there's anyone in southern MS who knows of training or a seminar let me know. I'd be willing to pay someone for lessons in the Jackson County, MS area who can provide guidance/insight in mounting a couple of puddle ducks...

Look forward to hearing from ya'll.

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Flying or Standing?

This response submitted by Ken Edwards on 11/18/2002. ( )

I'm reluctant to offer my opinion, because I'm sure that it is somewhat biased, but I think the best step-by-step bird mounting videos available are the ones by Sallie Dahmes from WASCO.

If you want to mount a standing duck, I would recommend "Mounting a Wood Duck from A to Z with Sallie Dhames" which is item number VHS235. If you want to learn to mount a flying pose, get "Flying Blue-Winged Teal A TO Z with Sallie Dahmes" which is item number VHS232.

Both of these videos show everything from skinning, to fleshing (with scissors), to mounting, to grooming, to carding, to finishing with inexpensive oil paints. The natural skull and bill is used in both these demonstrations. Both tapes are two hours long, and can be followed by a beginner as well as offering information to more experienced taxidermists.

Thanks Ken!

This response submitted by Todd on 11/19/2002. ( )

Thank You Ken.......Gotta order standing bird video today....

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