deer form sizing

Submitted by smacky on 11/09/2002. ( )

I want to know if you need to take the hair side measurement and then go 1 size down on the deer form when ordering. Ex. 20" hair side and then 19" form. any help would be appreciated.

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well your choice

This response submitted by chris york on 11/09/2002. ( )

well you can but the safest choice would be to take the size you get and not go any smaller. its easy to make a mannikin smaller if you need to but it's another story to make it larger if your just starting out in taxidermy

Bottom LIne

This response submitted by Elmer on 11/09/2002. ( Topstaxidermy )

Wgat works for ya. But I don't feel that is the way to go. Gte a meat measurement if you can. If not wiat until tanned and get the measurement after rehydration. Don't make the deer something he is not. I have had good success with two meat measurements. tight below the ears then tight to the neck and 3 inches down. Check your supplier and what areas they size their forms.


This response submitted by smacky on 11/09/2002. ( )

Thanks chris and elmer. I am just getting into it. I did a mount that had a 21" neck . After it was tanned it fit really tight and now the hair measurement is 23". The mount came out looking really good but i was wondering if it should of been that tight.

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