need to know something

Submitted by beginner on 11/09/2002. ( )

how much should i charge for a repro set of hole in the horn antlers

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well, try this

This response submitted by Bill Yox on 11/09/2002. ( )

Either charge YOUR cost to obtain them plus a small commission, or charge a real handful extra if you were foolish enough to copy a copy, because its illegal and youll need it! Im not sure where you are coming from, so I say this all rather tongue in cheek. Wanna elaborate?

Anyone know the owner of Hole in the Horn?

This response submitted by Raven on 11/09/2002. ( )

I know Stewart has some incredible sets (Minnesota Monarch I believe is one of them) - he mentionned to me that Hole in the Horn recently sold. Just wondering if anyone has the name of the current owner? Id love to contact them and find out what existing casting agreements there are regarding this set; number of repro sets, number of molds etc... I suspect however its just sum1 trying to make me jealous that they have an awesome set that I dont... hehe - if thats the case.. I assure you beginner.. I really dont care. I've worked on molding an 8.3 million dollar T rex skeleton... a set of antlers isn't gonna make me jealous... I've already got my 'crown jewel' in my career - one that I doubt I'll ever top. If ya really do have a legal mold of these things - cast em in urethane or WEP and sell them for $3,000 a set. Good Luck =)

raven i know the owner

This response submitted by Mike on 11/09/2002. ( )

or at least my aunt does he lives in thhe state of florida and the hole-in-the-horn buck hangs on his wall until a deer and turkey show comes up that one that sold was a reproduction mount and when the guy that owns it passes on it will be put in the state museum in ohio from what my aunt said and there cannot be any reproductions made from him and the repros from him sell for $5000 shipping included

Mike, your story is a little week.

This response submitted by John C on 11/09/2002. ( )

There is a site that post on here from time to time, it is my understanding they are the only one allowed to reproduce the hole in the horn antlers. One famous whitetail taxidermist has done work for one person that knows exactly where they are and who owns them.

Maybe do some reseach on them from real sources the next time.

This response submitted by Raven on 11/10/2002. ( )

They have the casting rights.. .so 'beginner' - if ya DO have a mold of it - hehe - yer lookin at jail time most likely...

OK everyone - now that that lil hoax is over.. heres sum info ya may enjoy knowing... the cost of a repro set of "Hole In The Horn" antlers mounted is a whopping $5650! Unmounted is $4980!

oh god

This response submitted by beginner on 11/10/2002. ( )

i dont know im a beginner and baught it because i knew that they would bring in a lot of money im taking it back to the guy that i bought it from

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