should i mount my deer head

Submitted by Mike on 11/16/2002. ( )

I have a question i have a deer cape i tanned and put in the freezer but it looks like the curatan is not all over it but it is. Should i mount it any way and how do you mix powder form paste and eye set. And also i have 22mm eyes and a 32mm eye socket on the form how do i fix this to look good.

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good greif Charlie Brown...Arrrgghhh!

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I'm gonna dance around most of your question because I don't think I can be "kind" at the moment. But I'll bite my tongue and give some obvious advice on the eye situation! Purchase 32mm base eyes! How hard is that? By the way any 4 year old could have figured that out! My old bluetick hound slapped her paw three times to answer that one...dang if she aint smart!

Grumpy old Fat Back!

I'll take the paste and eye set question

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With Water


This response submitted by JOHNSON TAXIDERMY on 11/22/2002. ( JOHNSON TAXIDERMY@AOL.COM )

You need to tan the whole deer. Things I have learned in my time, is not do do something half a--. You soul try clay on they eyes it works much better, and need to order the right size to fit your form. Hope this helps. Have a great day :)

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