Tanning? Which is easy/better?

Submitted by Shane on 11/17/2002. ( hornswagul@adelphia.net )

I was looking through Van Dykes catolog and trying to decide which tanning kit would be the easiest and the best to use for a BEGINNER.
Anyone have any suggestions? Syn-Oil Tan or Lutan-100?

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Beginner Too!

This response submitted by Andy on 11/18/2002. ( andy@gymopc.com )

Hello Shane! I too have only been at this for a couple of years and I've had pretty good results with the Syn-Oil Tan. Have tanned a couple of deer capes, raccoon and a coyote with this kit. Just follow the directions and shave your hide as best you can. I use a skife knife along with a fleshing horn for the face areas. Hope this helps, Andy.

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