beginner looking for good websites

Submitted by Ken on 11/10/2002. ( )

I want to start by mounting a squirrel. Is there a good website I can read that tells how to mount a squirrel step by step? I will probably buy one of those kits, but I want to see what I am getting myself into first.
Thanks, Ken

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better than a website

This response submitted by Raven on 11/10/2002. ( )

Better than a website is the serious sportsmen taxidermy series. Set up in booklet format, one of the lessons details a squirel project. An affordable series and great for beginners like us =) I have read mine several times and seem to find a new tip in it everytime I go through it. I believe I got mine through WASCO.

good info

This response submitted by dave on 11/10/2002. ( )

I agree with raven, good info for4 a starter

also Van Dykes

This response submitted by paul bunyan on 11/10/2002. ( )

Van Dykes also has a book course I think its about 20 bucks.
I have both its good to have something to refer back to.

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