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Submitted by Elk on 11/20/2002. ( )

I bought a kit from Van Dykes to mount a deer head, and have it done with the exception of detail work. Everything has worked out alright thus far. Any way, my question is this, The kit came with two wax cakes about the size of a quarter(one black, one pink) I presume this is for eyes-tear duct area and nose areas, mouth, but how do you use it, it's hard as a rock and I have found nothing on how to go about working this. I have a few deer heads under my belt, but used some borrowed kritter clay for my detailed work, any help with this?

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This response submitted by enough bullet 4 on 11/20/2002. ( )

you can scrape some of the wax on a spoon and hold it over a light bulb. as it warms up it will get soft enough to work with.

working with wax

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Use turpentine (a friendly solvent for beeswax) and a small brush of your choice. I prefer a flatter brush for the inside of the nose. Place a small swatch of flannel dampend in turpentine in a baby food jar with your wax. This will keep your wax in a pliable state for nose pad and tear duct work. Turpentine (pending on drying cond.) will take several days to dry. I have used this for years. Todays epoxys are far superior to the old bees wax methods; however, there are times when wax does come in handy.

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