Antler mount with hair

Submitted by Greg on 11/11/2002. ( )

Years ago I had a taxidermist do an antler mount of a whitetail that had the hide attached to the skull plate. I recently shot a decent buck and would like to try my hand at making a similar mount. Where can I go for assistance?

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This response submitted by dave on 11/11/2002. ( )

WASCO has a video, and sells a antler mount kit. click on the suppliers at the home page, and call WASCO. Its in the back of their catalog page 248 "serious sportsman taxidermy for beginners" lesson one tape sells for$19.95 and covers antler mount and five other starter projects . You can also order a antler mount kit from them that has everything you need for $19.95-$21.95 depending on the size. good luck dave

Antler mount

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Though WASCO has some great educational devices, this one isn't going to answer that question. To use the REAL hair, the face must be skinned out. The way I do it, I skin the head out just like I would for a mount and I tan it. Then I cut the skull off flat and sand it down until it will set in the angle I desire. I epoxy a piece of 1/2 piece of plywood on the back and with a rotory cutter, I shape the wood to match the skull cutout. Then I cover the antlers with the face cap and staple it underneath. Now I can run a screw through a plaque and hold the antlers to it. You MUST use a face pelt, however as the hair patterns greatly differ from a piece of hide taken from the back.

Question for George

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Seeing as I have demonstrated little forethought and already discarded the skin from his head, can I use the skin off the head of another deer? Also, I noticed when skinning my buck that the fur right around the edge of the antler burls was extremely difficult to take off without mauling it with my knife. Is there an easy way to do this?


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You certainly can. The only thing is that you need to match antler mass pretty closely. If not, you should cut from BEHIND the antler to make it bigger as the front of the antler burr is shielded by longer guard hairs of the forehead. It IS extremely tough to remove with a knife and I never use one on mine. I use a 1/4 inch cabinet chisel to separate the hide from the antler and then rock the chisel to separate the hair from the burr. Then and only then do I take a knife to clean the rest of the skin from the forehead.

Thanks, George

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Thanks for all the feedback. It is greatly appreciated.

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