New taxidermy reference photo-FREE!

Submitted by Glen Conley on 11/11/2002. ( )

The free down-load taxidermy reference photo has just been changed out
on the Whitetail Designer Systems web site,

This one is especially aimed at the beginner, but all are welcome to it.

Many of you beginners are either working on squirrels, or getting ready
to. This photo was taken by WTDS staff member Franz Heepe and is a
sampling of what he is working on as a squirrel reference series to add
to our current availability. Franz has a natural eye for "composition"
in his squirrel photos, and does an excellent job of catching both
character and detail.

There is a lot of good taxidermy information in this photo, and not only
that, it is appealing enough that it could be printed out as a decorator
item for the kids' bed room!

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